Obtain the Ring (Repeatable)
Collect 10 delicious red apples.
Quest Info
Start Haretale
End Beeryfit
Location Young Deity's Realm
Rewards Mysterious Ring
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Quest Text Edit


Haretale - "Do you know Beeryfit? He is quite the obstinate louse. He never changes, the merry idiot.

And yet, he's acquired something we need. He has this little habit. He calls it a 'hobby', but it's a habit, born more out of compulsion than anything else. He collects rings. His house is full of them, thoughsands of them. He's managed to get his hands on a ring that allows the user to cross the void. We need that ring.

This shouldn't be too hard. He likes delicious red apples. Gather ten of them and take them to him and perhaps he will give you the ring."

Reward Edit

Mysterious Ring - If you use this ring near the Heart of the Realm, it will bring you to the One.

Required Edit

10 Delicious Apple

Walk-through Edit

Best do this quest after you have completed the dungeon. Go forth and pick the apples off of the ground. Return to Beeryfit who is sitting on the ground next to Haretale.

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