Observer's Market in GreenmontEdit

The Observer's Market found in Greenmont is a great place to go for supplies, visit the bank, pick up your mail, and to go to the auction house. It is located in the North East corner of th Greenmont.

Landmarks and Amenities Edit

  • Tavern
  • Large tree in front of tavern
  • Central fountain
  • Bank in front of tavern
  • Mail box in front of tavern
  • Auction house
  • Teleport next to auction house
  • Two stone message boards. One on North side. Second on South side
  • Two entrances into plaza. 
  • Nick
Name Location Function
Talanso message board, north
Razeif message board, north quest start
Sabsker fountain, auction house side quest start
Afanti in front of auction house quest start
Kating fountain, auction house side trade in lucky cross
Wang Ce next to auction house, south side quest start
Jin Zao next to auction house, south side quest start
Message Board, south side quest start
Lilivia Vineviva fountain, tavern side pet seller
Picas Nartu in tavern grocer
Haharuh  in tavern grocer and potion seller
Flying Jack in front of tree teleport seller
Skyler in front of tree quest start

Quests Edit

Quests that can be started in the Observer's Market are here:

The Dragon Boat Festival

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