My Enemy's Enemy
Go north to the Crimson Tower of Antoria.
Quest Info
Start Menmenpos
End Asdemoras
Location Sdukar
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Quest Text Edit

Go north to the Crimson Tower of Antoria. Talk to its owner, Asdemoras, the Sorcerer King.


Menmenpos - "We have slain many Saithions and demosn, but more continue to arrive. Their numbers increase daily. Meanwhile our god and protector slumbers. Perhaps it is his will that we do whatever we can to survive without relying on his might.

My enemy's enemy is my friend.

Three Crimson Towers cast shadows on the desert sands. Legends have spoken of a fourth and a fifth one, but no one has ever seen them that I am aware.

The Daisauros and the Sorcerer Kings who reign from the Crimson Towers have never cared for each other... But one of them is different thatn the others. While Necemiss and Ultos have been willing to work with demons and Saithions in the past, Asdemoras, ruler of the Antoria Tower, has never hidden his disdain for both creatures.

Perhaps through a common enemy, we can form a bond.

Please, Citizen of Sdukar, journey to the Crimson Tower of Antoria and speak with Asdemoras. You have my proxy."


Asdemoras - "We are glad to have the friendship of the king of Daisauros, who is appointed by Anataavian."

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