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Mounts are non-combat tools for land transportation. There are four levels of mounts (Normal, Armored, Epic, and Ghost) and five main types (Horse, Deer, Lion, Dog, and Chinchilla), each specific to a race.

However, one can buy a riding permit for a mount that does not pertain to their race from Ubiquitous Nick for 40 Runes. Riding permits can also be obtained via the Black Market.

Capturing a mount in the world does not guarantee you will be able to ride it. You will still need the required riding permit and riding skill.

Stable of Mount AssociationEdit

At the Stable of Mount Association in Greenmont there are three NPCs to help you with riding skills, purchasing a mount, or purchasing Bond Stones. The stable is located next to the Hall of Foundry.


  • Provides general information about mounts.
  • Sells Riding Skill (for all levels and Races) and Mechanical.
  • Note: Scroll through the options to find the correct riding skill for your race.


  • Sells Normal Mounts for 99 Gold.
  • To purchase you have to have the correct riding skill already learned.


  • Will answer questions about capturing trappable mounts.
  • Sells Bond Stones (1 stone for 5 Gold or 5 stones for 20 Gold) used to capture mounts.

Normal Mounts Edit

Considered T1 (Tier 1) mounts. Normal Mounts require player level 20 and Riding Skill 1 (10 Gold) to use.

Trappable Normal MountsEdit

All of the T1 Trappable Mounts have Speed 25% and Stability 30.

Human Black Horse Burgundy Horse White Horse
Elf Burgundy Deer Greengrass Deer Violet Deer
Orc Cyan Lion Green Lion Red Lion
Undead Bloody Undead Dog Rotting Undead Dog Sandy Undead Dog
Mendel Black Chinchilla Gray Chinchilla

Purchasable Mounts (Gold)Edit

All of the T1 Purchasable Mounts have Speed 20% and Stability 30 and cost 99 Gold.

Human Brown Horse
Elf Meek Deer
Orc Tamed Lion
Undead Black Undead Dog
Mendel Lazy Chinchilla

Purchasable Mounts (Runes) Edit

Purchased from Nick's Shop. These mounts have varying speed and stability but all require Riding Skill 1.

Frostling Yak Speed 45% Stability 70
Eristar Bear Spirit(Morph) Speed 40% Stability 40
Nightmare Spirit Beast Speed 30% Stability 60
Eristar Bear Spirit Speed 30% Stability 40
Sand Skin Wolf Speed 30% Stability 40

Armored Mounts Edit

Trappable Armored MountsEdit

Considered T2 mounts. Armored Mounts require player level 40 and Riding Skill 2 (100 Gold) to use. All of the Trappable Armored Mounts have Speed 35% and Stability 45.

Human Black Destrier Reddish Brown Destrier
Elf Crimson Rangers' Stag White Rangers' Stag
Orc Scarlet Expedition Lion Shadow Expedition Lion
Undead Bluish Green Detecting Undead Dog Hyacinthine Detecting Undead Dog
Mendel Red Brindled Chinchilla Yellow Brindled Chinchilla

Purchasable Mounts (Soul Signets)Edit

Generally considered a T1 mount, due to their speed and lack of armor. However, these mounts require player level 40 and Riding Skill 2 to use, and have Speed 25% and Stability 40.

Human Aryurumoka Horse
Elf Aryurumoka Deer
Orc Aryurumoka Lion
Undead Aryurumoka Undead Dog
Mendel Aryurumoka Chinchilla

Epic Mounts Edit

Trappable Epic MountsEdit

Referred to as T3 or Epic mounts. The majority of the Trappable Epic Mounts spawn in level 70 PvP zones. There will be a global notification telling you which epic mount has spawned and what zone it is located in. Epic Mounts require player level 60 and Riding Skill 3 (500 Gold) to use. All of these mounts are Speed 45% and Stability 60 except for one of each type (Lava Horse, Glim Stag, Buskin Lion, Dust Dog, and Watermelon Chin) which are Speed 40% and Stability 50.

Human Lava Rent Army Horse Lightning War Horse Snowfield Furacana War Horse
Elf Black Rock Watcher Buck Glimmermoor Rangers' Stag Southern Watcher Buck
Orc Avalanche Maker Lion King Buskin Howler Lion Fallen Shadow Lion King
Undead Abyss-Charging Undead Dog Dust Storm Detecting Undead Dog Frost-Marked Charging Undead Dog
Mendel Ball of Mother Tree Guard Snow Ball Watermelon-striped Chinchilla

Use this Mount Week chart to determine when certain Epic Mounts will spawn.

Image courtesy of Ellix [Apex] on the Whispering Islands server.
Mount week edit

Ghost Mounts are the fastest trappable mount in game and require player level 70 and Riding Skill 4 (2000 Gold) to use. A global announcement also appears for Ghost Mounts when they spawn in the world. Either variant can spawn, but both variants spawn at the same location.

Human The Loyal Guard of the Dawn The Loyal Guard of the Dusk
Elf The Gadabout of the Dawn The Gadabout of the Dusk
Orc The Guardian of the Dawn The Guardian of the Dusk
Undead The Fate of the Dawn The Fate of the Dusk
Mendel The Ghost of the Dawn The Ghost of the Dusk

Purchasable Epic Mounts (Eastern Gold Ingots)Edit

The Mist Trader Mounts can be purchased from the Mist Trader Base Camp, south of the town Silence in Arcadian Forest. They cost 15 Eastern Golden Ingot(s) each and require player level 60 and Riding Skill 3 to use. These mounts are Speed 55% and Stability 70.

Primitive Wild Boar Toxic Wild Boar
Earth Dragon Boat Human's Dragon Boat
Earth Jade Rabbit Human's Jade Rabbit
Fire Kylin Ink Kylin

Achievement Mounts Edit

These mounts are rewarded to the player via Mount Achievements, for obtaining all of the Normal, Armored, and Epic Mounts of that type (with exception to one normal trappable mount per type not required for the Achievement.) Achievement Mounts are transparent and available to ride without the proper race permit, which allows characters the ability to ride these via mount sharing between characters on the same account.

A bonus with these mounts is a Heal Spell that can be used while mounted and heals 50% of your total HP.

Human The Furious Loyal Guard
Elf The Furious Gadabout
Orc The Furious Guardian
Undead The Furious Fate
Mendel The Furious Ghost

PVP Mounts Edit

Special Mounts can be earned through pvp.

Awarded to the top .5% highest ranking players on the PvP billboard. (Temporary: This item will expire in 21 days until the new pvp season starts)

  • Battlefront Champion War Bear

Awarded to the top .5% highest ranking players on the PvP billboard. (Temporary: This item will expire in 21 days until the new pvp season starts)

Dungeon Mount Upgrades Edit

The Soul of Sand Wind is an item used to upgrade Sand Skin Wolf, a mount that can be purchased from Ubiquitous Nick. It is an epic drop in Sailen: The Palace (Legendary) from Crethiyum and requires a rank 3 riding skill to use. It enhances both the look and stats of the Sand Skin Wolf.

The Bear Spirit's Armor is an item used to upgrade Eristar War Bear Spirit, a mount that can be purchased from Ubiquitous Nick. It is an epic drop in Young Deity's Realm (Legendary) from Barstikar the Fury and requires a rank 3 permit to use. It enhances both the look and stats of the Eristar War Bear Spirit, increasing speed from 30% to 35% and stability from 40 to 50.

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