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Mounts are used for riding and is a great way to explore Haradon

Mounts can be bought for 99 gold from Braund in Greenmont. Before they can be summoned, each character needs a riding permit for that specific mount. Riding skills can be bought for 10Gold, 100Gold, 499Gold and 2000Gold from Kanker who is also located in Greenmont.

O&C PVP mounts


There are five types of mount and each type is specific to each race. However, one can buy a riding permit for a mount that does not pertain to their race from Nick for 40 rune stones(riding permits can also occasionally be obtained from the Black Market).

If you tame one of the mounts that come from the wild, you can ride them, what ever race you are, however you may still need to buy a riding permit with runes for that animal from Nick . You may then also need to buy the accompanying riding skill training for that animal with gold coins from Kanker. There are three tiers of mounts: Normal, Armored and Epic. Also you can buy a mount using souls from the Aryurumoka for 900 souls(riding skill 2).

Stable of Mount AssociationEdit

At the stable there are three person's to help you with riding and getting a mount. Located next to the Hall of Foundry and in the same plaza as the Hall of Blade.


  • Sells mount bond scrolls (99 Gold)
  • To purchase you have to have the correct riding skill.


  • Will answer questions about capturing mounts
  • Sells bond stones used to capture mounts.


  • Answers questions about mounts
  • Sells riding skills levels I-IV and mecanical. Note, be sure to scroll through the options to fine the correct riding skill for your race.

Normal Mounts Edit

Armored Mounts Edit

Epic Mounts Edit

Epic mounts spawn in certain areas around world maps, and not always in PvP. There will be a global notification telling you which epic mount has spawned and what map it is located in. An epic mount will not spawn unless there is a global notification.


Glimmermoor Ranger's Stag --> Arkan's Field, Fealu Plains


Buskin Howler Lion ---> Vega Square, Buskin Island


Dust Storm Detecting Undead Dog ---> Edge of Desert, Crimson Tower: Ankar

Sinskaald Rift

Lava Rent Army Horse ---> Scorched Plain, Black Beach



Lv 4 Mounts

Happy Hunting!

PVP Mounts Edit

Special Mounts can be earned through pvp.

Awarded to the top .5% highest ranking players on the PvP billboard. (Temporary: This item will expire in 21 days until the new pvp season starts)

  • Battlefront Champion War Bear

Awarded to the top .5% highest ranking players on the PvP billboard. (Temporary: This item will expire in 21 days until the new pvp season starts)

Dungeon Mount Upgrades Edit

The Soul of Sand Wind is the upgrade to the Sand Skin Wolf purchased from Ubitiquos Nick. It is an epic drop from the Sailen Palace Boss Crethiyum and requires a rank 3 permit to use. It enhances both the look and stats of the Sand Skin Wolf.

The Bear Spirits Armor is the Upgrade to the Eristars Bear Spirit purchased from Ubiquitous Nick. It is an epic drop from the Eristars Temple Boss Barstikar the Fury(4v4) and requires a rank 3 permit to use. It enhances both the look and stats of the Eristars Bear Spirit. It increases speed from 30% to 35% and stability ges from 40 to 50

Locations of Normal and Armored Mounts Edit

  • Swamp of Wyrms: Mountains near necromancers academy, Under bridge of Bordhill, Glimmermoor, Arkans field, Eoltarblod, and in front of Relics key.
  • Whispering Islands: Vega square, Buskin Island, in front of Eristar temple and Camp of Hamir (Lvl. 1 and 2 Mounts).
  • Great Desert: Sadukar,in front of Gate of Sailen, Camp of Sacrathar and Crimson tower Ankar.
  • Sinskaald rift: Black beach, Scorched plain , Dompei Ruin and West of Stranger's Roost (Village of Saltyfish).
  • Under Realm: Miner's Terrace (Scarlet Expedition Lion, Hyacinthine Detecting Undead Dog)
  • Under Realm: Silk Valley (Black Horse, Bluish Green Detecting Undead Dog, Crimson Rangers' Stag)
  • Under Realm: Coldring (Near Gelinu - Black Chinchilla, Shadow Expedition Lion)
  • Under Realm: Exiles Village (Near Mato - White Rangers Stag, Reddish Brown Destrier, Rotting Undead Dog)
  • Under Realm: Castle Thratir (Greengrass Deer, Black Destrier, Yellow Brindled Chinchilla)
  • Eternal Frostlund: Bruntos Camp(Yellow Brindled Chinchilla, Shadow Expedition Lion)

There are many other locations!

Purchasable MountsEdit

Purchasable with Gold

All of these mounts require the level 1 riding skill.

Purchasable with Soul Signett

All of these mounts require the level 2 riding skill.

Purchasable with Gold Ingots from the Mist Traders

All of these mounts require the level 3 riding skill.

Purchasable with Runes

Unknown riding skill level.

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