Moorweaver Spider is a level 27 elite mob located at Dunwichmoor, a swamp located north of Glimmermoor, in Swamp of Wyrms. Unlike other Elite mobs, there are many of these mobs in the area.

Objective of Edit

This mob drops Moorweaver Poison Sacs, required for the quest [25] The Swamp Mage.

Drops Edit

This mob does not drop coins and typically drops level 27-28 uncommon equipment. Notable drops include the following items:

Item Lvl Type
Iron Clad Bow 28 Ranged Bow
Rock Smasher 28 Two-Handed Hammer
Thunder Ring 28 Ring
Scout's Blade 27 One-Handed Dagger
Stygian Bone Amulet 27 Necklace
Black Steel Scepter 24 One-Handed Hammer
Master Sergeant's Symbol Materials
Fragment of Lost Scroll Quest Item
Handbook: Silver Caligae Foundry Handbook
Moorweaver Poison Sacs Quest Item
Mysterious Spore Quest Item
Sophisticated Fur Materials
Swamp Worm Quest Item

Images Edit

Moorweaver Spider

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