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Moire Cloth


Moire Cloth



Level Requirement





It can also be used to create something.

Merchant Resale

0 Gold
0 Silver
? Copper


  • Equip Bonus

  • Quest Link

    Bought From

    Dropped By

    Humanoids in The Great Desert.

    Moire Cloth is used in crafting by tailors to make professional equipment. It is dropped by humanoids in The Great Desert, and far south of The Whispering Islands. If not a Tailor (Crafting profession most advisable for Mage/Monk), it is advisable to sell it to other players at Auction House, since it sells at a much higher price than at NPC's.

    Note: The same monsters drop Advanced Armor Scraps

    See the Advanced Armor Scraps page for a list of monsters which drop these.

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