The Mist Trader Base Camp is in the Arcadian Forest. It is located to the South of Silence and the West of Castle Woodhill. Here you will find traders offering items for level 70+. For any level, you will also find the recipes for Zongzis.


Zongzi are a food item that will give increase physical critical chance 3% and increase magical critical chance 3% for ten minutes.

To start go to the camp and on the left as you enter will be a group of men. One will be Zheng Yuan. Talk to him and start three daily quests for three different types of zongzi. Go pick up leaves and wrapping found on the ground at the main road leading into the camp.

Next talk to Qu Fang to make each type of Zongzi for you. As he makes them give it it to Zheng Yuan. After you have had made all three and delivered all three, you will now have golden dates as your reward. 

Now turn and talk to Qu Yuan. Buy yourself a recipe with your golden dates. A one date recipe will make you one Zongzi. A two date recipe will make you three Zongzis. So long as you have wrappers, leaves, and a recipe, you can now make Zongzi.

Glitch note: picking up the leaves is a hassle.

Golden Date Edit

The currency for the Mist Traders is the Golden Date.

Quests Edit

The quest that brings you to the Mist Trader Base Camp is started in Greenmont called The Dragon Boat Festival. Once in the camp, here are the quests that can be started:

Water Dragon Festival


I Want to Eat a Red Date Zongzi

I Want to Eat a Meat Zongzi

I Want to Eat a Bean Zongzi

Marbles (Daily)

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