"The elements are mine to control"  -Migrove

One of the most strongest. No one actually really realizes this....

His first skill is one of the most powerful splash. Great for farming and finishing blows.

Passive pretty decent. Helps you focus more on mp than dmg. He's water and lightning which is pretty bad ass. Jellyfish skill is a very good trap skill to secure kills and slow enemies for that extra damage. The passive which grants him bonus magic attack makes him a very overpowered character in  the game. If I were you, I would buy him.


Name: Migrove                                                     Main Element: Energy

Class: Mage                                                         Sub Element: Water

Diffiulty: Extreme                                                  Strongest Skill: Tidal Wave

Buy Cost: 3,600 Emblems                                    Best Trap Skill: Bioluminescence

1st Skin: Elemental Lord                                        2nd Skin: Phantasm


Migrove was one of the most promising student at Huffingman's Wizardry Academy in Bellshoal, until his dangerous elemental experimentations forever robbed him of his human form, and the magistrates kicked him out of the school.


1.) Tidal Wave- Migrove harnesses the elements and fires a powerful cone of water.

Base Damage: 90

Effect: Movement Speed Reduction: Reduces Movement Speed by 30% for 2 seconds.

2.) Bioluminiscence- Migrove conjures a swarm of invisible jellyfish, which rush to nearby enemies,latching on and  stinging without mercy.

Number of Jellyfish(Base): 3 Jellyfish, survivng up to 120 seconds.

Effect: Movement Speed Reduction: 30% for 5 seconds.

3.) Soul Shock(Passive)- Migrove harnesses a strong surge of Electrical energy.

Effect: Increases Magical Attack by 15(Base).                                                                   [60 MAX]

4.) Shock Field-Migrove fills an area on the battlefield with a sudden jolt of powerful electric energy.

Damage: 10% of Migrove's Maximum MP.

Duration: 4 seconds

Additional Notes and Comments:

Migrove is really one of the best characters and is extremely powerful when maxed level and full offense. I recommend you use all offensive items to Migrove like Searing Orb. Thanks for viewing my whole lot of page!


GameLoft Player

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