Meek Deer is a Tier 1 (T1) mount that can be obtained in Greenmont (from Braund in the -Stable of Mount Association- ) when the player reaches level 20 or can be purchased at various Mount Merchants for 99 gold. Player must have Riding Permit for Elves and Riding Skill I to use/ride this mount.

Speed: 20% (+2%) (Check Tips & Tricks)

Stability: 20

Description :

Color : Brown with White at the bottom of its body, back of front legs, front of hind legs and neck.

Extras : n/a

Tips & Tricks :

While standing still, press the Jump "Boot" Button to make it taunt. (Front legs go up)

Try jumping every now and then to give your mount a +1.5 - 2% speed boost.

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