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The Material Supply Shop in Silence

Materials are used in crafting to create equipment. Each materials is specific to one profession, with the exception of Armour scraps and special items such as Essence of Beast. To collect materials, you do not have to have the relevant profession. Some materials are bought from NPCs instead of collected. These can be bought from any material supplier and are listed below.

Materials can now be purchased from Business Skill Materials Merchants located in numerous towns, with two being located in Observer's Market in Greenmont by the fountain.

Materials VendorsEdit

Materials can be purchased from Supplies Sellers and Materials Suppliers.

NPC Location(s)
Catherine Greenmont
Bellshoal, Tear Coast
Loufys Silence, Arcadian Forest
Mastoo Silence, Arcadian Forest
Moon Sland Hall of Foundry, Greenmont
Norma Cooper Flare Island
Powerful Mark Legendary Garden, Greenmont
Bellshoal, Tear Coast

All of these Materials Vendors sell the following items.

Icon Material Cost Used for
Normal Yarn Normal Yarn x20 4 Silver Primary Tailoring and Leatherworking
Woolen Yarn Woolen Yarn x20 6 Silver Intermediate Tailoring and Leatherworking
Silk Thread Silk Thread x20 10 Silver Advanced Tailoring and Leatherworking
Mage Yarn Mage Yarn x20 16 Silver Professional Tailoring and Leatherworking
Puretwists Pursetwists x20 20 Silver Master Tailoring and Leatherworking
Flux Flux x20 4 Silver Primary Foundry
Quality Flux Quality Flux x20 6 Silver Intermediate Foundry
Advanced Flux Advanced Flux x20 10 Silver Advanced Foundry
Hyper Flux Hyper Flux x20 16 Silver Professional Foundry
Special Flux Special Flux x20 20 Silver Master Foundry

Armor ScrapsEdit

Armor Scraps are materials used in all crafts and can be found by killing a variety of monsters throughout Haradon.

Icon Material Source Rank
Normal Armor Scraps - icon Normal Armor Scraps Arcadian Forest humanoid mob drops Primary
High Quality Armor Scraps High Quality Armor Scraps Tear Coast humanoid mob drops Intermediate
Exquisite Armor Scraps Exquisite Armor Scraps Swamp of Wyrms and The Whispering Islands humanoid mob drops Advanced
Advanced Armor Scraps Advanced Armor Scraps The Great Desert humanoid mob drops Professional
Super Armor Scraps Super Armor Scraps Sinskaald Rift humanoid mob drops Master

Special MaterialsEdit

Special items are also used in crafting as materials. Symbols can only be obtained from drops and Essence can only be bought from Ubiquitous Nick.

Icon Material Source Rank
Sergeants Symbol Sergeant's Symbol Elite monster drops in Tear Coast Primary
Essence of Beast Essence of Beast Purchase from Ubiquitous Nick Intermediate
Master Sergent's Symbol Master Sergeant's Symbol 

Elite monster drops in Swamp of Wyrms

Essence of Soul Essence of Soul Purchase from Ubiquitous Nick Advanced
Captain's Symbol Captain's Symbol Elite monster drops in Whispering Islands Advanced
Essence of Demon Essence of Demon Purchase from Ubiquitous Nick Professional
Colonel s-symbol-icon Colonel's Symbol

Elite monster drops in The Great Desert

Essence of God Essence of God Purchase from Ubiquitous Nick Master
General's Symbol

Elite monster drops in Sinskaald Rift


Tailoring MaterialsEdit

Image Material Source Rank
Grenadine Grenadine Humanoids in Arcadian Forest Primary
Cotton Cotton Humanoids in Tear Coast Intermediate
Wool Cloth Wool Cloth Humanoids in Swamp of Wyrms and The Whispering Islands Advanced
Moire Cloth Moire Cloth Humanoids in The Great Desert Professional
Mage Cloth Mage Cloth Humanoids in Sinskaald Rift Master

Leatherworking MaterialsEdit

Image Material Source Rank
Poor Fur Poor Fur Animals in Arcadian Forest Primary
Ordinary Fur Ordinary Fur Animals in Tear Coast Intermediate
Sophisticated Fur Sophisticated Fur Animals in Swamp of Wyrms and The Whispering Islands Advanced
Heavy Fur Heavy Fur

Animals in The Great Desert

Hard Fur Hard Fur Animals in Sinskaald Rift Master

Foundry MaterialsEdit

Image Material Source Rank
Icon ore bronze Bronze Mineral Green Rocks found throughout Arcadian Forest Primary
Icon ore marcasite Marcasite Blue Rocks found throughout Tear Coast Intermediate
Icon ore primaliron Primal Iron Purple Rocks found throughout Swamp of Wyrms Advanced
Icon ore lightsilver Light Silver White rocks found on The Whispering Islands and The Great Desert Professional
Icon ore mattedgold Matted Gold Mineral Orange/golden rocks found around The Great Desert and Sinskaald Rift Master
Icon ore blood Magical Blood Mineral Red rocks found around Sinskaald Rift Master