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Marcasite is used to craft Intermediate skill level items as a blacksmith.

Location Edit

It is often considered a harder ore to gather, as it shares spawn locations with Bronze Mineral in Tear Coast and Primal Iron in Swamp of Wyrms.

Marcasite is frequently confused with Primal Iron due to both types or ore sharing similar colors at a glance. However, Marcasite will have round edges, whereas Primal Iron appears more spiky.

Collecting Edit

Marcasite can be acquired several ways:

  • Mining or collected from Treasure Chests in zones where it spawns.
  • Auction House for sale via other players (purchasable with gold).
  • Business Skill Materials Merchants that sell Marcasite in stacks of 20 for 60 hero emblems.

Tear Coast
Map ore tearcoast
Swamp of Wyrms
Map ore swamp

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