Marbles (Daily)
Collect red marbles. Collect blue marbles.
Quest Info
Start Akita, Younger Brother
End Akita, Younger Brother
Location Mist Trader Base Camp
Rewards Golden Date, Money
Previous Next
Koinobori none

Quest Text Edit


Akita, Younger Brother - Do you play marbles, Ranger? I love marbles. They are simple and deceptively beautiful, the way they shine in the sun... they make me happy.

Sadly, I have less and less these days thanks to those terrible fish men who keep taking them from me! Could you help me rebuild my collection? There's a place where you can get red marbles somewhere around the river, but the blue ones are all in the clutches of the fish men. I would be so grateful if you could teach them a lesson and get them back for me!"


Akita, Younger Brother - "Oh! You brought back so many marbles! I can't thank you enough!! We're going t have some real fun now!"

Reward Edit

3 Golden Date

38 Silver

Required Edit

5 Red Marble

5 Blue Marble

Walk-through Edit

There are Fish Men hanging around outside of the entrance to the camp, on the road to Silence. Kill Fish Men and loot bodies for Blue Marbles. Head over the river east of Silence. There are sacks around the road in the area. Loot sacks for Red Marble.

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