Currently there are 7 regions of Haradon.

Orc and Undead characters will begin their journey from Tanned Land.

Elf and Human characters will begin in Arcadian Forest, although you can still travel to Tanned Land by talking to the NPC at the Teleport in the town of Silence.

Tear Coast is accessed by traveling west through Arcadian Forest. You will typically be around level 13 if you complete all the quests in Arcadian Forest.

North of Tear Coast lies the Swamp of Wyrms, which is reached through Teleportation (it cannot be accessed by foot). Aim to be around level 20 before you go there.

Next is to The Whispering Islands, witch is accessible if you talk to the NPC next to the Teleport in the Swamp of Wyrms town of Port Verecy. Aim to be around level 30 before you go there.

The introduction of Daily Quests begin in The Whispering Islands, so you should be able to reach at least level 38 before proceeding south to The Great Desert.

Sinskaald Rift is south of The Great Desert, the last map. You might struggle playing solo here, so it's best to be level 50 when venturing into this land. There are currently 12 repeating quests which will enable as you progress, so it won't be too much of a struggle to reach level 60 (the max).

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