"Elemental is a purely offensive Talent that can target foes at long range. Combined with certain spells, you can deal great damage against mid-range targets."

Elemental Mage TalentTree
Tier Zero
Talent Name Prerequisites Description
Elemental Master

Tier One
Talent Name Prerequisites Description
MageTalent1 amcıkNone Releases a Shock Wave that deals 90 fire damage to enemies within 5 meters. (1/1)
MageTalent2 Improved Fireball  None Increases critical damage caused by your fireball by 50%. (5/5)
Mt3 Blasting Flame  None Increases critical chance of fire magic by 5%. (3/3)

Tier Two (required points in Skyfire tree: 5)
Talent Name Prerequisites Description
Mt4 Burnout Shockwave (1/1) Reduces the cooldown time of Shock Wave by 3 sec. (3/3)
Mt5 Cyclone None Tosses an enemy into the air for 2 sec and interrupts all its actions. If target is burning, it will take an additional 150 fire damage. (1/1)
Mt6 Fireflow None Increases your fire spell damage by 1%. (0/5)

Tier Three (required points in Skyfire tree: 15)
Talent Name Prerequisites Description
Mt13 Elemental Mastery None Increases your spell power by 1%. (0/5)
Mt8 Elemental Release Cyclone (1/1) Your Cyclone will trigger the elemental power on your enemy. The Spell has an additional 100% chance for a critical hit on a burning enemy. Your Cyclone also freezers a chilled enemy for 3 sec. (3/3)
Mt14 Fire Barrage None Targets in a cone in front of the caster take 80 to 105 fire damage and are knocked down.

Tier Four (required points in Skyfire tree: 20)
Talent Name Prerequisites Description
Mt15 Chain Lightning Lightning bolt (1/1) Your Lightning bolt can strike 1 additional enemy near your target. (0/3)
Mt16 Lightning bolt None Summon a lightning bolt to strike your enemy. The spell deals 186 to 250 energy damage. (1/1)
Mt17 Flame Charge Fire Barrage Anny critical damage caused by your fire spells will have a 100% chance to finish the cooldown of Fire Barrage. (5/5)

Tier Five (required points in Skyfire tree: 25)
Talent Name Prerequisites Description
Mt1 Wind Walker None You and any of your party members within 10 meters will get a buff that increases movement speed by 20% for 15 sec. (1/1)
Mt2 Flaming Spirit Flaming Phantom (3/3) Reduces the cost of all your spells by 2%. (0/5)
Mt21 Flaming Phantom None When your fireball causes a critical hit, there will be a flaming phantom around you. Increases your spell damage and critical chance by 10 sec. and can be stacked up to 3 times. (1/3)

Tier Six (required points in Skyfire tree: 30)
Talent Name Prerequisites Description
Mt22 Magic Wind Flow Wind Walker Increases the effective time of Wind Walker by 5 sec. (0/3)
Mt23 Flame Storm None Summon a flame storm 10 meters in front of you. Deals 80-125 fire damage every sec. The caster must channel to maintain the spell. (0/1)
Mt24 Skyfire Flaming Spirit 5/5, Flame Storm: 1/1 Your Flame Storm has a 10% chance to blow the enemies up. Lasts 2 sec. (1/1)

Tier Seven (required points in Skyfire tree: 35)
Talent Name Prerequisites Description
Mt25 Lightning Fall None Teleport with lightning to an enemy, causing 240 to 305 energy damage and stunning the target for three sec. (1/1)
Mt26 Flamming Mind None Any time your spells deal critical damage, there is a 5% chance your next spell will be instantly cast. (0/5)

Tier Eight (required points in Skyfire tree: 40)
Talent Name Prerequisites Description
Mt27 Elemental Finishing Skyfire 3/3 Releases an elemental core that deals 767 to 840 fire damage, and also causes burning conditions. (1/1)


Permafrost is a defensive tree, useful for Solo-PvE and PvP.

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Tier One
Talent Name Prerequisites Description
Pf1 Improved Frostbolt None Your Frostbolt has a 15% chance to freeze the target for 3 sec. (5/5)
Pf2 Shield Energy None Increases the damage absorbed by your shield spells by 30%. (3/3)
Pf3 Frost Blast None Your frost power blasts out and deals 75 frost damage to enemies within 5 meter and slows them by 70% for 8 sec.

Tier Two
Talent Name Prerequisites Description
Pf4 Chill Brain None Increase the hit chance of all spells by 1%. (0/5)
Pf5 Winter Sleep None The cold air forces an enemy target to sleep for 10 sec. Any damage will awaken the target.
Pf6 Ice Burst Frostblast Your Frost Blast has a 20% chance to freeze the target for 3 sec. (0/3)

Tier Three
Talent Name Prerequisites Description
Pf7 Erudition None Increases your total wisdom by 1%.
Pf8 Deep Sleep Winter Sleep Increase the effect time of Winter Sleep by 1 sec.
Pf9 Rock Piercing None Summon a rock top pierce the target, deals 140-160 energy damage and causes knock down.

Tier Four
Talent Name Prerequisites Description
Pf10 Water Prison None Cage an enemy in a water bubble. The enemy cannot cast any spell and takes 20 damage every second for 8 seconds.
Pf11 Earth Integrate None Increases your stamina by 1%.
Pf12 Sharp Rock Rock Piercing Increases Rock Piercing's damage by 10% when the target is frozen or stunned. Also increases the critical chance of Rock Piercing by 5% (0/3)
Tier Five
Talent Name Prerequisites Description
Pf13 Condense Water Prison Increases the effect time of Water Prison by 1 sec.
Pf14 Piercingly Cold None Increase your frost spell damage by 1%.
Pf15 Stone Armor None Use the power of earth to protect yourself. Increases your armor by 1000 for 20 sec.

Tier Six
Talent Name Prerequisites Description
Pf16 Frost Walker Permafrost Decrease the cooldown time of Permafrost by 3 sec.
Pf17 Permafrost None Infuses the power of frost into the land beneath you. Deals 100 damage every 2 sec. to enemies who enter the area and slows them by 80%. The spell lasts 20 sec.
Pf18 Stone Spike Stone Armor Reflects 30% melee damage to the attacker when you have Stone Skin in Effect.

Tier Seven
Talent Name Prerequisites Description
Pf19 Gift of Earth None Reduces the cost of all your frost spells by 5%. (0/3)
Pf20 Wrath of Frost None Increases the critical chance of your frost spells by 1%. (0/5)
Pf21 Frozen Mind None When activated, this spell finishes the cool down of all your spells.

Tier Eight
Talent Name Prerequisites Description
Pf22 Ice Meteor None Summon ice to smash enemies. Deals 600-650 frost damage to the target and nearby enemies. Also slows them by 50% for 5 sec.

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