"My blade is at your behest"



At start:                                                                                 at lvl 15 with recommended items

hp    -   606                                                                           hp       -

mp   -    347                                                                          mp      -

atk   -   54.00   (49.00 + 5.00)                                                 atk      -

atk speed   -   .72/s                                                               atk speed    -

mov     -   4.25                                                                      mov        -

mag     -   0                                                                          mag         -

crit    -     1.20%                                                                   crit         -

mag def    -    19.00                                                             mag def     -

leech     -     0                                                                     leech         -

harvest hp     -    0                                                              harvest hp    -

def      -       23.00                                                              def       -

hp reg   -    1.19/s                                                              hp reg      -

mp reg   -   1.06/s                                                             mp reg      -


A very powerful hero with a very high hp and rather destructive attacks. Using him, you can either play as a fighter or a guardian. For fighter, I recommend you to use the first two abilities and unwavering faith. As for guardian, use the second and third ability and of course the last one instead.

Personally, I prefer using him as a fighter. He has an advantage because he has the defense of a guardian as well as offensive attacking skills. With the correct weapons and items, two consecutive abilities (Rush & Crippling blow) can deal quite a lot of damage. When I play, I use the ability sprint instead of others to persue my target. A tablet you need is the tablet of ghost steps.

My recommended items :

1 Jade Axe

1 Akhan Cutlass

1 Bow

1 Divinity sword

1 Hades Armor

1 Blessed Bracelets.                                                                                                                               -theunknown99



Lut'Hiran rushes forward dealing damage to all enemys on the way

Deals 100 dmg

Effect: Reduces Physical Defence by 10 for 5 seconds

Crippling Blow:

Lut'Hiran slams the ground with his axe damaging nearby enemies

Deals 90 dmg

Effect: Reduces movement speed by 30% for 2 seconds

Paladin Formation

Passive: Increases physical defence of nearby allies by 5

Active: Shields all nearby allies absorbing 100 dmg

Duration: 10 sec

Unwavering Faith

Removes all negative effects

Grants immunity to skills for 3 seconds.


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