Lost Lizard Mount
Look for clues to what happened to Kuta, Arethouil's lizard mount.
Quest Info
Start Arethoui, Peddler
End Umano, Chieftain of Glimmermoor
Prerequisite none
Location Glimmermoore
Rewards Armor, Money
Previous Next
none Proper Explanation

Quest Text Edit


Arethoui - "Oh Ranger, don't go wandering in these cursed swamps alone... (Sniffle) Don't be stupid like me... my poor Kuta... (Sob) What happened, you ask? I'll tell you...

Two days ago, I was riding back to Glimmermoor from the village of Miskatonia. My lizard mount Kuta was carrying a full load of precious woods and silver. Fod everywhere. Couldn't see more than a foot in front of me. Suddently I hear roaring liike I've never heard vefore! I know what tigers and wild boars sound like, it was nothing like that, it was like... like thunder made flesh. I felt a hot wind blowing! It could only have been a dragon.

Kuta spooked and slipped her reins, dashing off into the foggy swamp... I tried to search for her, but in vain... I lost my way so badly I feared I might never see my home again... And now she's gone, my best and most faithful companion for fifteen years.

Will you look for her? I can pay in gold. Even if - even if you find out she's dead. I'll pay. I just have to know."


Umano - "So his poor lizard has died? What a pity..."

Reward Edit

Purple Gossamer Shoulderpads

35 Silver

Required Edit

Kuta's Rein

Walk-through Edit

Head down the road south out of Glimmermoor. Down a little way, off to the left, is the remains of Kuta. Search the body and pick up the rein.

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