Little Degradation Lizard is the second most expensive purchasable pet that can be bought with gold. It is a Companion pet, offering no buff or function for players, and follows the player around once summoned.

Description Edit

Binds when used.

Bond with this pet and learn how to summon it.

Once learned, it will read: Summons a Little Degradation Lizard.

How To Get Edit

Little Degradation Lizard is a purchasable pet at Pet Sellers:

It can also be obtained via the daily Wheel of Fortune (available to players level 55+). Check the Auction House first, as this might be available for cheaper than merchant price.

Animations Edit

Pet animations are performed when a pet has been idle for a few seconds.

When idle, Little Degradation Lizard will stand on its hind legs.
It also growls.

Pet-anim-little-degradation-lizard02 x250 Pet-anim-little-degradation-lizard01 x250

User Images Edit

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