Lilivia Vineviva is located at Observer's Market in Greenmont next to the large central fountain.

She is a female Elf and is easily identified by the pet menagerie around her. She is identical to Maria Green, the other Pet Seller, except Maria is wearing shoes.

Purchasable PetsEdit

Some of these pets are available in the daily Wheel of Fortune (for players level 55+) so check the Auction House first to see if you can buy the pet you want for cheaper.

Pet Name Cost
Icon pet boar piglet Boar Piglet 5 Gold
Icon pet little degradation lizard Little Degradation Lizard 12 Gold
Icon pet little tortoise Little Tortoise 8 Gold
Icon pet resolute bear cub Resolute Bear Cub 15 Gold
Icon pet small redfrog Small Redfrog 9 Gold
Icon pet small squirrel Small Squirrel 7 Gold
Icon pet small watermelonfrog Small Watermelonfrog 7 Gold
Icon pet wild squirrel Wild Squirrel 8 Gold
Icon pet young wolf Young Wolf 2 Gold

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