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Leveling TipsEdit

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In order to speed up the leveling process Wings of Teleportation are a must (These can be purchased from an NPC near the auction house in Greenmont). I use the ones to Silence because they are only 10 Silver each. Whenever I finish a group of quests I teleport back to Silence then use the portal to return to the location where I can turn in the quest. It saves a ton of time traveling.

Most classes can pull multiple mobs at once you just need to practice the best way to do it. Once you have it down mob quests, gathering quests, etc. become much quicker. There are also certain mobs in each area that give a lot of exp for grinding. I.E. The mobs north-east of Wyrgast's Library.

Levels 1-12+Edit

Arcadian Forest: you can go around looking for mobs 2 lvls higher than you to grund on... its easy lvling in Arcadian or do some quests.

Level 14-15Edit

Continue quesssting at bellshoal, follow those quest lines

Levels 16-17Edit

Head to salty wind. Quest there. You can also start doing que of prison dungeon using dungeon finder feature (menu > team > dungeon tab > scroll down > find group.)

Level 18-23Edit

Grind or complete a few other quests until level 19. Once you're done, head to first town in Swamp of Wyrms. Follow the quest line heading to Necromancer's Camp. Once you're 23, head to Glimmermoor and level up there.

Level 24Edit

Complete the rest of Glimmermoor Quests

Level 25Edit

Head to Miskatonia & complete a few quests.

Level 26-27Edit

Go to Wyrgast's Library & complete few quests. Some grinding may be required here. the Mage quests and the swamp fish quests are tedious. The normal swamp fish drop the yellow spores and scroll scraps, the deep swamp fish are there for grinding, just past the fish camp where the fish king that patrols the bay,are black bloods that are level ? Be careful or die.

Level 28Edit

Complete Quests at Port Verecy in the east and grind to level 29.

Level 29Edit

Head to The Whispering Islands by talking to the Teleport Master's apprentice then complete Quests in Port Eversummer.

Level 30-33Edit

Head north to Camp of Hemirr

Level 34Edit

Go to Vega Square Go to Utahans

Level 35-36Edit

Go to Fallen Star Strait & Hall of Reverie to complete quests. Which you will go to Eristar.

Level 37Edit

Go to Waker Camp to get quests for Graveyard.

Level 38Edit

Head south to Sea Shore and complete a few quests.

Level 39-42Edit

Head for The Great Desert then complete a few quests in End of Sand and Camp of Sacrathar. Some grinding may be required.

Level 43-46Edit

Go to Sdukar & do quests that are available then grind. Make sure to get the quests from the big dragon near Sdukar KEY NOTE: Below End of Sand is a group of nomads which give great xp to grind (almost 500xp per person). There are also demons which give 500 xp each (such as burning horns & minotaur invaders & they are found just south of Sdukar).

Level 47-48Edit

Grind as much as possible & complete the a few quests as well as the daily quests available. KEY NOTE: In Crimson Tower of Sacrather there are enemies called nobles which again give great xp (almost 500xp per person).

Level 49-51Edit

Enter the Sinskaald Rift to the town of Stranger's Roast. Start Daily Quests!!!!

Level 52-54Edit

Complete quests in both Farstrider Outpost and [??]

Level 55-59Edit

Grind with a ton of daily quests!

You can skip this by powerleveling (see last section)

Level 60-64Edit

Start doing elite dungeons using dungeon finder so you collect exp after the dungeon. First go to Shadow Gate in Great Desert and it will start a chain of quests into under realm.

Level 65-70Edit

Updated: Go to Greenmont and there should be a quest near the portal, talk to the man and he will start chain quests, there will also be a lot of grinding near 65-70. Good luck!

Between levels 64-66, grind Dailies and Repeatable Quests in Under Realm/Sinskaald Rift. The Great Desert also has some repeatable quests. At 66, head to Eternal Frostlund.

If you run out of quests in Eternal Frostlund and can't find any more of them anywhere, be sure to check back to the Pillar of Water and make sure you didn't miss a quest there... the Quest symbol can be hard to see above the giant Water Elemental.

UPDDATE: There are *NO* "new" quests when you complete the Eternal Frostlund chain. When you hit 69, the quests *WILL* stop. Best bet to gain XP is to grind Dailies or Dungeons. All new quests stop at 69. Dailies in Eternal Frostlund begin at level 70. NOTE: If you've only geared up through quests and not Dungeon drops, the level 70 mobs in Eternal Frostlund will make quick work of you. Best bet is to gear up through Dungeon drops to get better gear if you want to solo the level 70 dailies... Otherwise you'll have to do the Frostlund dailies with a group or team.

62 and so onEdit

MZN (Metal Ziggurat Normal) and AGN (Abyss of Limitless Gears) are a great way to go from 62-70. To run them, find a team of 2 dps, a tank, and healer. Then que the dungeon (from team-dungeon menu) and run the dungeon! You get 225k per run, and some good gear,

Level any (Alternative)Edit

Ask in global chat if someone can powerlevel you up. That means you pay any high leveled player to slay high level mobs to earn you xp. This method is very effective at any level and is a popular place for any players who want xp, especially for grinding that may be nessesary at 64-70 since lack of quests. Recommended: Slay Mad Nakhit Fisher (Elite) that is located north of Bruto's Camp in Eternal Frostlund. Xp earned is high, but scaled after your level so dont expect to level up once per mob killed

EDIT: Burito's Camp is nearest to the territory of Mad Nakhit Fishers. — a wikia contributor

If you cannot find a power leveler, go to the village of grove and go to where the water divides uok strikers and two Mendel guards. Hit one, and run back so the Mendel guards will take the hits and kill it for you.

This is slower, but high xp, and it doesn't cost ANYTHING but time

edit: you need to do a minimum of 1 damage point t gain exp.

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