Letter from Sathlenar
Quest Info
Start Eoltarblod, bodies of Shadow Reavers
End Olande
Location Eoltarblod
Previous Next
Shadow Reavers Archmage Sathlenar

Quest Text Edit


You find a carefully sealed letter. Opening it, you read the following:

"My Friends,

I shall be blunt: you disappoint me. You know how important my sacrifices have been, not just to myself, but to the extension of your lives. The youngest among you is at least a century in age by now, and yet you fail to bring me a new sacrifice?

I feared at first that the taste of immortality has spoilt you. But the time is beyond urgent now. Do you not understand the consequences for all of us if we do not procure a new sacrifice with utmost speed? If we do not act now, you will be begging for death in order to avoid what awaits us..



Perhaps Olande will know what this is about.


Olande - "Sathlenar?! It can't be..."

Required Edit

Sathlenar's Letter

Rewared Edit

11 Silver

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