Lava Rent Army Horse is a trappable Epic Mount for Humans. Other races will need to buy the Race Permit for Humans to be able to ride horses. The Lava Rent Army Horse is required for the I'm a Cowboy mount Achievement.

Unique from the other Epic horse mounts, this one can spawn at two locations, is slower by 5%, and has 10 less Stability.

As with all Epic Mounts that are trappable, a global announcement will appear when it spawns, including the zone it spawns in. Epic Mounts only spawn during a specific week. (Refer to the Mount Week Chart.)

This mount has also appeared in the Black Market for both Gold and Hero Emblems.


Sinskaald Rift Edit

This mount can spawn at either location.

  • PvP zone: Scorched Plains, when entering the PvP area from Stranger's Roost, run straight forward. There will be a pool of lava, the Lava Rent Army Horse spawns off to the right of the lava in the clearing.
  • Black Beach, spawns in the back where the dragon Aventhal is.

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