Lava-Crystal Dagger

Lava-Crystal Dagger

Items / One-Handed Weapon / Dagger


  • 136-165 Damage
  • Speed 1.8
  • (83.6 Damage per second)
  • + 14 Agility
  • + 16 Stamina
  • Requires level 60

Allowable Class : Ranger

  • Equip: Increase hit level by 16.
  • Equip: Increase critical level by 18.

Gear Mastery

Using the intangible blade, devour your enemy's life. Your melee attacks have a chance to trigger the Intangible Flame effect; increases your Attack Power by 95 and your movement speed by 15% for 15 sec.


9 Gold 81 Silver 81 Copper

Reward From

Summoning the Sultan

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