"We will not show mercy"
Proper 1

"Laurelai once served a Great Forest Spirit, but when her sister and fellow Guardian raped her and let the woodlands under her protection to be destroyed, the Council of Etherals blamed Laurelai. She now wonders Haradon in solitude."

Laurelai is one of the three Mage class heores with the highest amount of Magical power. Her features include of leaves as a small dress and overlapped leaves as her clothes. Her hair consists of small but thick vines and claw-like hands. Although she has no mouth, she speaks with an echo behind.

Laurelai's Skills are powerful when used correctly and each one has a very fast cooldown.

"Razor Leaf"
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'Laurelai launches two bladed leaves towards a location. The leaves fly to the target and back to Laurelai, causing Damage to any targets in the path.

  • Damage: 60 for each blade.
  • Additional Effect: If two blades one target simultaneously, the target's Movement Speed is reduced for 3 seconds, or if the target has a Seed on it, the target will be unable to move for 3 seconds.

"Seed of Corruption"
Proper 3

Laurelai embeds a corrosive seed in a single target. A unit that has a seed on it will suffer from dimmed light.

  • Damage: 25 per second for 5 seconds.
  • Additional Effect: Reduces target's HP and MP regeneration by 50%
  • Note: When an enemy with a seed on it is killed, it will explode and cause 60 Magical Damage to nearby enemies.

"Garden Maker"
Proper 4
  • Passive: Each unit killed by Laurelai will become a lawn where they were killed..
  • Active: Form a lawn at the targeted location.
  • Effect: The lawn provides Invisibility and increases Laurelai's HP and MP Regeneration.
  • Note: Only 2 lawns can be created at the same time.

"Beam Cannon"
Proper 5

Laurelai's focuses her power and releases it as a Magical Beam, causing continuous damage to all enemies in front of the beam.

  • Cost: 10% of Laurelai's MP per second.
  • Damage: 70 Magical Damage per hit. The seed will explode and cause extra damage with seeds on them when struck by the beam.

Laurelai is a powerful character and is currently only obtainable in the Silver and Golden lottery. However, on her release, she was on pre-sale for 540 Runes.

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