Kiss of Regret
Steal 1 Kiss of Regret from the Eristar Assassins.
Quest Info
Start Hemir
End Hemir
Location Camp of Hemir
Rewards money
Previous Next
Guardian: Stone Forehead, Fallen Tower

Quest Text Edit


Hemir - "To deal with the next tower, you'll need some deadly weapons.

There is a round hall in the northern jungle where the guardians of the Psionic Tower of Mute are gathering. They are Eristar Assassins and they will have on them the Kiss of Regret, a deadly and poisonous potion from the Swamp of Wyrms.

Kill them and then try to find their poisonous potion. Once you've found the potion, bring it back to me."


Hemir - "Wonderful."

Required Edit

Kiss of Regret

Reward Edit

61 Silver

Walk-through Edit

Go north of Camp of Hemir to Psionic Tower: Whisper. Kill a Warden, loot body for the Controlling Crystal.

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