Talk to Sirona, the barkeeper.
Quest Info
Start Loreain, Sheriff
Prerequisite none
Location Miskatonia
Rewards none
Previous Next
none Retired Sheriff

Quest Text Edit


Loreain - "An adventurer! Just what I need right now! Can I interest you in assisting the Sheriff of Miskatonia - that would be me - in an investigation? I'm stretched thin here... WAY too much to do.

Here's the situation: several days ago, a little girl went missing. She was last seen playing snakes and mushrooms across the street. There's a saloon nearby. I'm hoping one of the regulars there may have seen something. Start your investigation there.

Thank you, Ranger!"


Sirona - "Sheriff Loreain sent you? I always liked her. One of the good ones, you know?

So What can I do for you? What do you need to know?"

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