Kermode is the second boss at Relic's Key, Eye of The Swamp.

Kermode in real life, not game.

Kermode has 3 abilities and is probably the easiest boss if the tank uses his cooldowns (Alerting Shout, Guardian Stance, and Counter Stance) to help minimize damage while your healer is silenced. Kermode appears translucent all the times.

  • 1st ability is Soul Growl AoE which he seems to use every 15s and silences everyone within 30m radius for 3 seconds and deals moderate damage
    IMG 1561

    Kermode's skills

  • 2nd ability is Deafening Roar which also is uses about every 15s and stuns everyone in a 30m radius for 2 seconds
  • 3rd ability, name unknown but let’s call it Enrage, activates on the boss at around 20% +/- and Kermode will grow very large and start hitting harder. With tank cooldowns, and good gear, this isn’t very difficult. If the tank’s HP is low or he isn’t fulling specced Guardian, then goodluck


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