Kating is a unique merchant located in Observer's Market, Greenmont that exchanges specialty items for Lucky Crosses. He stands right outside the Auction House.

Items for Sale Edit

Item Cost Lucky cross Source Lucky cross/Icon rune x20 ratio
Bond Stone 10 Merchant, 5 Gold n/a
Morale Blessing 20 n/a n/a
League Life Box 40 Nick's Shop, 5 Icon rune x20 8
League Magic Box 40 Nick's Shop, 5 Icon rune x20 8
Saintly Blessing (Big) 50 Nick's Shop, 5 Icon rune x20 10
Energy Tablets 60 Nick's Shop, 8 Icon rune x20 7.5
War-Free Brand 60 Nick's Shop, 6 Icon rune x20 7.5
Capture Trap 120 Nick's Shop, 12 Icon rune x20 10
Intimate Wand 200 Nick's Shop, 20 Icon rune x20 10
Bewitched Censer 999 n/a n/a

Update Notes Edit

Update v2.0.1 (Apr. 12, 2013): Kating changed from a box object to NPC. (image)

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