"I will walk this world and bring fear to my enemies"


at start                                                                                 at lvl 15 with recommended items

hp    -   587                                                                           hp     -    3431   

mp   -   0                                                                              mp     -    0

atk         51.00                                                                      atk    -    208.20  (93.00 + 115.20)

atk speed   -    .73                                                                atk speed   -    .88/s

mov     -      4.15                                                                  mov     -     5.32

mag     -      0                                                                      mag    -     288.00

crit     -      1.80%                                                                 crit     -     1.80

mag def    -    17.00                                                             mag def    -   101.80 (61.80 + 40.00)

leech       -      0%                                                               leech      -    22.00%

harvest hp   -   0%                                                              harvest hp   -   0%

def      -      23.00                                                                def      -      140.00 (65.00 +75.00)

hp reg    -    1.19                                                                 hp reg    -  17.69/s (4.69 + 13.00/s)

mp reg  -    0                                                                      mp reg     -    0


Since Jombraa has 0 mp, you never need to worry about not using skills except for cooldown.

Also with Jombraa's attack, one of the recommended items deals 60 magical dmg per second to all enemies within 5 yards.

When using Jombraas Radial blast skill, you can still walk toward an enemy to chase them or attack, but make sure you release his attack by pushing the skill button again or it will do nothing. Use this skill to tag an enemy hero before using deadly gaze, and enemies will be stunned for a few seconds.

Make sure you tag all the enemies around you before using your special move eye of the beholder so they are stunned and cant attack you. Otherwise youll have sucked lots of enemies in who can still hurt you.


Radial Blast:

Deals 70 damage.

Range and Damage of skill increase while skill is charging. If it is not released before fully charged it will do nothing. This skill tags enemies.

Deadly Gaze:

Shoots a beam in front of him dealing 75 damage

Slows movement speed by 30% for 3 seconds, tagged enemies are stunned for 2 seconds.

Occular torment:

Passive: Increases leech HP by 1% and HP reg by 1.

Active: Increases movement speed by 30% and max hp by 100 for 8 seconds.

Eye of the beholder

Creates a vortex around Jombraa dealing 60 dmg per second for 5 seconds.

Tagged enemies are stunned when this skill hits them. Otherwise movement speed is decreased while they are sucked in.


560 diamonds or

28,000 valor.

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