Join the Fun!
Talk to Ciara.
Quest Info
Start Cornell
End Ciara
Prerequisite The Brew of the Soul
Level 25
Location Soul Brewing Island
Rewards Crystal Spritzer
Purple Flame Spirit
5 Vintage Festival Coin(s)
Previous Next
The Brew of the Soul none
See Vintage Festival quests for a list of all quests relating to the Vintage Festival.

Objective Edit

Talk to Ciara.

Quest Text Edit

You've arrived just in time for the start of the Vintage Festival! There are all sorts of great brews for you to enjoy. If you really want to get an overview, find Ciara. She can help you out.

Completion Edit

Welcome to the festival! I hope you have a good time! If you're interested, we've even got a brewing machine that will let you make your own spirits!

Reward Edit

Quest Progression Edit

Update Notes Edit

Update v3.1.0.0 (Oct. 22, 2015): Added.

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