It Came with the Wind
Kill Orseen and take the possible information.
Quest Info
Start Htick
Location Hall of Reverie
Previous Next

Quest Text Edit


Htick - Where does the wind come from? No one knows.

Clan Ellyver dwelled in Moniss Village for 200 years. The Bicentennial Festival should've been a joyous and merry occasion. But on the evening of the opening festivities, tragedy struck. The entire clan just... vanished. All that remained was emptiness, lingering breath...

And yet some witnesses claim to've seen one of the clan, a man named Orseen, at the Fallen Star Strait. How is this possible? Got to the high tower at the Fallen Star Strait and if you see Orseen, approach him. Should he turn hostile, your course will be clear. Kill him and retrieve any information he may have on his person."

Required Edit

A Fishfolk Scale

Reward Edit

82 Silver

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