Iron jaw battle

Iron Jaw - battle

Iron Jaw is a level 35 elite monster found in The Whispering Islands, This Monster Can Be Located North-East of Fallen Star Strait and west of Vega Square in Between 8-10 Pillers.. It spawns on land, and than goes into the water for a little walk and comes back again. Iron Jaw can drop Captain's Symbol, which is a material used for crafting.

Respawn time is about 2-4 hours.

Iron jaw location

Iron Jaw - location

If you want the hunt for it stay on the most upper pillar standing next to the broken stones, so you have a great view on the surface, wich makes it easier to pick him up.

He swims around the red circle marked in the map below. He's mostly underwater, but you can lure him up to the beach.

This monster is needed for the Achievement* "Rare Blood in Whispering Island"

Iron Jaw
Level: 35 Money: ? Gold ? Silver  ? Copper
General loot

Jungle Hunter's Hood of Water

67 Armor;

+17 Stamina. lvl33
Red Wild Bear Plate Helmet of the Storm
Fallen Soul's Mitts : Hands Leather Armor: 53 +9 Agility +9 Stamina Req lv:34
Thunder Bow (Blue) Speed 2.0; +3 Agility; +4 Stamina; +4 Critical lv Req lv 34
Rangers Ring lvl 33 +4 stamina, increase hit lvl by 6 and crit lvl by 5
Supreme Ring of Flame Resistance (Green) +19 Fire Resistance; Req Lv. 36
Dark Attacker's Cloak of Thunder 21 Armor; +8 Agility; +8 Wisdom; Rq Lv. 33

Quest loot

Material loot

Captain's Symbol

Pet loot:
Location(s): The Whispering Islands: North-east of Fallen Star Strait

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