Skill influence
Influence is a Monk spell located under Spells - Martial. All monks start off with this spell.
Icon influence
Reforms an enemy through your faith, and forces it to fight against your enemies; lasts for 3 sec. If the target is another player, the player will sleep for 3 sec.

It is widely used in PvP and sometimes in dungeons to crowd control or interrupt a mob's spell casting. However, certain dungeon mobs will turn friendly and reset their HP (such as the large group of trash mobs in the beginning of EHL, or trash mobs in RFL.)

Previous Version Edit

Cost: 185
Range: 25
Cast Time: 2 sec(s)
Cooldown Time: 45 sec(s)
Description: Reforms an enemy through your faith and forces it to fight against your enemies for 15 sec.

Changes Edit

Influence was an undocumented change in one of the updates at the end of 2014.[1] With this change, Influence can now be used against players in duels and PvP.

Reference Edit