I Want to Eat a Bean Zongzi
Give a Bean Zongzi to Zheng Yuan
Quest Info
Start Zeheng Yuan, Cook
End Zeheng Yuan, Cook
Location Mist Trader Base Camp
Rewards Golden Date
Previous Next
none none

Quest Text Edit


Zheng Yuan, Cook - "Hi! I heard that you have some delicious Bean Zongzi. Can you give me one? I love to eat Zongzi. I'll give you a small gift."

From you to Qu Fang - "I've got Zongzi leaves and Zongzi stuffing; please make Zongzi for me."


Zeheng Yuan, Cook - "Thank you for your kindness."

Reward Edit

3 Golden Date

38 Silver

Required Edit

1 Bean Zongzi

Walk-through Edit

Head to outside the entrance of the camp, to the road for Silence. On the ground are Zongzi leaves and stuffing; pick up. Go into the camp and talk to Qu Fang, cook.

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