How to Make the Big Mojo
Collect 6 Rotflowers, 4 Wolf Bones, and take back the Orc Shaman's Sigil from Oruge.
Quest Info
Start Burunada
End Burunada
Prerequisite An Exile's Sorrow
Location Storm Cape
Rewards Money
Previous Next
An Exiles's Sorrow The Orc Shaman's Tale

Quest Text Edit


Burunada - "Yes. I am hearing of this Farekron's exiling.

I am being mojoman of every kind, not only Orcs. Even goblin I am welcoming.

I am knowing the big mojo for him, but I am lacking some things: six Rotflowers, four Wolf Bones, and my Shamanic Sigil.

You are be finding Rotflowers in swamp. You are be finding Wolf Bones from the big gray wolves.

As for my sigil, it is being stolen by a Blueskin Troll. You are be finding him and taking the sigil back for me. Then I am making the big mojo for the sad goblin."


Berunada - "You are well doing, Ranger. Are you knowing the big purpose of what is a sacrifice? It is being a symbol. It is saying only, for the good knowledge, it is never free. It is always a costing."

Required Edit

6 Rotflowers

4 Wolf Bones

Orc Shaman's Sigil

Reward Edit

50 Silver

Walk-through Edit

Go down to the beach and then into the water. Swim and follow your quest arrow to a section of the shore that has the flowers, the wolves, and the troll. Kill, loot, and return to Burunada.

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