Hermit in the Forest
Take the insignia from one of the Red Moon Guild members.
Quest Info
Start Olande
End Dealandoer
Prerequisite The Pebble Path
Location Miskatonia
Rewards Armor, Money
Previous Next
The Pebble Path Not the Nice Kind of Elves

Quest Text Edit


Olande - "When I was sheriff, I dealt with a lot of people who'd lost something - a stolen horse, missing gold, the lives of loved ones or their own. I could always think of it as my job. I'm not saying it didn't affect me - when a parent's crying over their dead child's body, how can that not affect you? But I could put a wall up when I needed to. Now I've lost my own child... There's no wall. I know how they must have felt.

There's a thieves guild - really just a gang of thugs - I've seen around here. They're new, and I got a feeling they know something about my daughter. Do me a favor: find out who their leader is.

I'd go myself, but my bones are too old to bear much more than this grief, this never ending ocean of grief. I'll rest. When the time comes to fight, I'll be ready. And that time WILL come, I assure you.

I have a friend, Dealandoer, a hermit now but he used to be a brilliant investigator. Any clues you find, show 'em to him. He lives in a cottage just west of here."


Dealandoer - "Hmm. It's not enough to go on yet..."

Reward Edit

Choose one:

  • Lucid Wisdon's Amice
  • Swamp Spider Leather Amice
  • Vicious Naga Plate Mail Legplate

Plus Healer Cape

41 Silver

Required Edit

Rogue Insignia

Walk-through Edit

Follow path south and kill Cave Butcher. Loot body and get Rogue Insignia. Next go talk to Dealandoer who is West of Glimmermoor.

The next quest is Not the Nice Kind of Elves

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