Heavy Polar Axe

Binds when equipped
Two-Handed Axe
125-148 Damage
Speed 3.2
(42.7 Damage per second)
+22 Strength
Requires level 41
Allowable Class
Equip: Increase attack power by 23.

Sell:     1 Gold 67 Silver 61 Copper

Heavy Polar Axe is a level 41 Two-Handed Axe produced by Blacksmiths.

Handbook Edit

Handbook: Heavy Polar Axe requires Professional Foundry 375 to buy and learn.

It is sold by Foundry Trainers for 1 Gold 30 Silver.

This handbook will also teach how to craft Reinforced Heavy Polar Axe, and is a reagent for crafting it.

Materials Edit

The materials required to craft this are:

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