Hathraad is the first boss at Relic's Key
IMG 1125
, Eye of The Swamp

Hathraad has 3 abilities, and other than being tough on the healer to AoE heal, he is fairly easy. I would recommend standing close enough (10 meters) so the healer can aoe heal all 4 team members.

  • 1st ability is called Magic Ball. Hathraad will just launch a magic ball at you.
  • 2nd ability is AoE Magic Ball, which is just the AoE version of the first attack. While casting the spell, Hathraad will say "Tempest".
  • 3rd ability is the Clone/Divide, which is where Hatraad will divide himself to 2, he says "Divideness" before using this ability. The clones will be slightly darker in colour and die pretty quickly too, so dps attacks on them when they spawn.Also, when they spawn, all 3 start casting spells so a LOT of damage goes out. I would recommend the tank use Guardian Stance and the healer get ready to do Prayer of Faith. Be sure you kill the adds before you send the boss over the next 25%.

Drops:*Dark Water Robe (superior)

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