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Hard Fur


Hard Fur



Level Requirement





It can also be used to create something.

Merchant Resale

0 Gold
0 Silver
66 Copper


  • Equip Bonus

  • Quest Link

    Bought From

    Dropped By

    Animals in Sinskaald Rift.

    Hard Fur is used in Crafting by leatherworkers to make Master armor. It is dropped by animals in Sinskaald Rift. If not a leatherworker, it is advised to sell it to other players, because much money can be made.

    Sinskaald Rift:

    Level Monster
    50 Scorch Earth Bulette
    51 Rabid Scorch Bulettes
    52 Sinskaald Boar
    55 Sinskaald Forest Boar
    56 Huge Sinskaald Boar
    56 Rift Screamer
    56 Sinskaald Forest Smilodon
    56 Sinskaald Giant Boar
    58 Blackbeach Bloodsucker
    58 Sinskaald Smilodon
    60 Aventhal

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