A player's Guild


Guilds in Order and Chaos Online are primarily used to assist players in achieving goals, while a handful of guilds focus on the social aspect. Any player can purchase a Guild Stone and create a guild of their own.

Benefits and Guild Features Edit

There are several perks to joining a Guild:

  • Finding teams more easily (dungeons, world bosses, mount hunting, etc.)
  • Guild Chat channel
  • Guild Mailbox (letters only, which will appear in the Guild interface, and can be used for Guild Notices or Announcements)
  • Players of the same Guild can not attack each other in World PvP as of update v3.0.0.0.
  • Participating and earning Guild rewards (Weekly Honor Points Leaderboard, and on rare occasion Guild Events)

The top guilds on any server tend to have special perks, such as offering protection for their own guildies and/or allies in World PvP and the use of Guild Spells.

Guild Rank and Spells Edit

A guild can level up with a combination of Guild Vitality and Hero Emblems. Guild Vitality is earned in a variety of ways, including: as members log in, get 50% Dungeon Exhaustion, and by completing Quests and Daily Quests. Players can donate Hero Emblems to help level up the Guild, though it requires a lot to accomplish this.

Guild Spells are unlocked at Guild Rank 2 and cost Guild Vitality and Hero Emblems to activate. Spells can be leveled up as well. When activated, the Guild Spell buff(s) become available for everyone in the guild, regardless if they are currently online or not, and it will last for 24 hours. It does not appear as a buff on the player character but the spell will be listed in the player's passive Spells. The higher the Guild Spell rank, the higher the cost to activate them. The maximum Guild Level is 4.

Ranks Edit

Each guild has one Guild Master (GM). The guild ranks are Admins, Members and New Members, which can be defined by Admins and the GM to any weird rank that is acceptable by the game's censorship.

Selecting any guildie's name in the Roster will bring up their Guild Note, which can be defined by the GM or any Admin. However, Admins can not change other Admin notes.

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