A guard is a type of NPC that is generally understood to protect towns or certain areas they are posted at; however, their usefulness in Order & Chaos Online is somewhat limited as they are primarily located in areas with few hostile targets. Several Guard named NPCs use the generic Guard name.

Guard (Greenmont) Edit

There are 27 NPCs named Guard located inside Greenmont. Three patrol the city while the rest are stationary. They are all level 60, non-elite, and are Human, Elf, Orc, or Undead. Mendel guards were not added to Greenmont when that race was introduced.

Quotes Edit

  • Guard (Elf female): I am vigilant.
  • Guard (Human female): Don't cause any problems, you.
  • Guard (Undead male): There's been a series of robberies lately.
  • Guard (Orc male): Greenmont is the safest place in the world!

Guard (Arcadian Forest, Tear Coast) Edit

There are NPCs named Guard located around friendly towns in Arcadian Forest and Tear Coast. They are all level 20, non-elite, and are Human.

Guard Human female

Crossroad Watchtower, a small area in-between Cliffwatch and the Aryurumoka Campsite has 2 NPCs named Guard - one male and one female. The majority of guard type NPCs in this area though are named Paladin and are seen wearing heavy armor.

Fallen Leaf, the Human and Elf starting area, has 3 NPCs named Guard - two male, one female.

Windmill Farm has 3 NPCs named Guard - two male, one female.

Salty Wind in Tear Coast has 4 NPCs named Guard - three male, one female. This is the only town in which these Guards are actually next to hostile mobs and appear in a combat stance. They can be seen protecting low level players running to safety.

Quotes Edit

These Guard NPCs share the same randomized chat:

  • Oh, look, another wannabe hero. Woo hoo hoo.
  • I'm here to fight the goblin menace!
  • I'm not scared of goblins! Let them come!
  • I used to serve in the Western Legion. But Lord Faraunol... I dunno. He started acting differently, raising taxes for no reason, coming down hard on merchants and villagers. He wanted us to do some pretty terrible things. I had to walk away.

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