Give and Take
10 Pieces of Tender Wolf Loin
Quest Info
Start Argute Jim
Prerequisite The Question Is Who
Location Old Oak Mine, Tent
Rewards Silver
Previous Next
The Question Is Who Old Guild

Quest Text Edit

Yes, I'm familiar with this emblem. I recognize this signature, too.

But I'm not lifting a finger to help Luann. That black-hearted tyrant forced us to abstain from eating after the bandits occupied the cave. Claimed that with production at a halt, he couldn't afford to feed the workers. Can you believe that?

I suppose that wasn't your doing, though...

Tell you what... Me and the boys, we're hungry; if you can get me ten pieces of tender wolf loin, I will happily tell you what you want to know.

Required Edit

10 Tender Wolf Loin

Reward Edit

16 Silver

Walk-through Edit

Around the mine entrance and the tent are Crystalskin Wolves - lvl 15. Kill and loot the bodies. Then return to Argute Jim for the reward.

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