Get Some Crystal
Gather 10 crystal fragments.
Quest Info
Start Luann, Foreman
Prerequisite Inspecting the Cave
Location Crystal Mine
Rewards weapons
Previous Next
Inspecting the Cave Weaken their Force

Quest Text Edit

There's already been a shipwreck? That ain't good. That lighthouse is the pillar of the Bellshoal economy. If that thing goes dark, the whole town'll go dark.

All right, screw this.

Think you can get in there and get some crystal? Do whatever you gotta do. Ten fragments oughta buy us at least another week or so.

Reward Edit

Choose either:

  • Rapier of Songs
  • Warrior's Mace

14 Silver

Required Edit

10 Crystal Fragments

Walk-through Edit

Head back to the mine entrance and go inside. Gather the fragments from sparkling crystals while fighting off Crystal Thieves and Robbers, level 15. Return to Luann, Foreman once all fragments are collected.

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