General's Symbol is a rare item which is used to craft Superior equipment.

It is randomly dropped (albeit rare) by any monster in Sinskaald Rift, but is always dropped by Elemental King

In order to get master blacksmithing (500) you need 13 General's symbols. Save them!!!!

In order to get master talioring (500) you need 30 General's symbols. REALLY save them!!!!!

General's Symbols are extremely valuable and needed by everyone eventually. They can go from anywhere between 100-400 gold on the AH, which makes master crafting sickeningly expensive. DON'T sell them if you get them, keep them for your crafting.{{Item

It only drops from the Elemental King in the Rift who has a respawn of 2-4 hours.It also comes from the Lottory but is extremly rare.

One method of recieving symbols is to create a new charecter, use your spin spin, delete charecter and start over untill you get the amount of symbols you need.

|Name = General's Symbol |Quality = ? |Level = - |Category = |Info = This item is a necessary material for several recipes. |Gold = ? |Silver = ? |Copper = ? |Quest = None |Buy = - |Drop = Elemental King}}

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