Forgiveness and Mercy
Kill 10 Scarlet Slave Hunters in the Slave Hunter Camp
Quest Info
Start Sivos, Elder
End Sivos, Elder
Location Wind's End
Rewards Weapon
Previous Next
Fear Cuts Deeper none

Quest Text Edit

Kill 10 Scarlet Slave Hunters in the Slave Hunter Camp. These include Scarlet Grit Slaver Berserkers, Scarlet Grit Slaver Fighters, Scarlet Grit Slaver Archers, and Scarlet Grit Slaver Mages.


Sivos, Elder - "A slave merchant came to our camp earlier today. he is one of the Ankar slave hunters. The Ankar left many scars on our tribe.

Having seen the death of Sairein, he came to surrender to us... to ask protection from us. He pleaded like a beggar for forgiveness. He told us he would be with his fellow Ankar in a camp nearby.

Outcomer, please deliver our true "mercy." Give him and those who hunt with him a quick death. It is more than they gave those of us that they enslaved."


Sivos, Elder - "You were too kind to them."

Reward Edit

Choose one:

  • Desert Warrior's Maul
  • Nighthawk's Knife

1 Gold 1 Silver

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