Forest Giant is a level 40 elite monster found in The Whispering Islands.

Spawns north of Hall of Reverie, near the Eristar's Temple. Respawn time is 3 hours.

This monster is needed for the Achievement* "Rare Blood in Whispering Island"

Forest Giant
Level: 40 Money: ? Gold ? Silver  ? Copper
General loot

Handbook: Shadow Fiend's Boots Req: Pro Foundry
Tower Warden's Shield; 1232 Armor; +6 Strength; +7 Stamina; Reduce 22 damage when blocking (warrior, level 43)
Firm Red Steel Plate Legplate (Green) Armor: 297 +22 Strength Req lv: 43
Purple Conjurer's Shoulderpads of the Rainbow Type: Cloth; Armor 42; +11 Stamina; +11 Wisdom; Req Lv 44
Corrosion Ring of Holy Resistance (Green) +25 holy resistance Level 43
Desert Storm Plate Pauldrons of the Desert (green) 279 Armor; +11 Strength; +11 Agility; Requires Level 44 (warrior)
Purple Conjurer's Shoulderpads of Water: 42 Armor; +16 Stamina (level 44)...

Drop 8:

Mercenary's Bastard Sword of the Swamp: 2 Handed; 39.5 DPS; +14 Strength; +14 Stamina (level 43)

Quest loot

Material loot

Captain's Symbol
Colonel's Symbol

Pet loot:
Location(s): The Whispering Islands: Hall of Reverie

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