Flame: Madness in Arcadian Forest is a dungeon in Silence, Arcadian Forest. It doesn't look like most dungeons, as the setting is an area with hills and trees. However, like all dungeons, players still can not use mounts here.

Quests Edit

At level 60, start the pre-requisite quest The Abbey of Light I which is in Greenmont. This will be a long quest chain that takes you around Greenmont, Silence, and other parts of Arcadian Forest.

  • [60] (Dungeon) Purify the Dead - received after completing 21 earlier quests in the quest chain. This quest is picked up inside the dungeon from Brame.
  • [60] Life Advice - the pre-requisite for this quest is completing the same quest chain. This quest is located inside the dungeon and starts at Old Woman.

Mobs Edit

  • Insane Adherent - Humanoid mobs. They cause slow movement on players in melee range, and will stun whoever has aggro.
  • Insane Bear - These mobs will reflect 50% of spell damage.
  • Insane Boar - These mobs will reflect 50% of physical damage.

Exh Edit

In Legendary mode, Arkolian is worth 18 exh and Lendorel is 22 exh.

Bosses Edit

There are two bosses and one optional boss, Qui Yuelan, for players with the Scanner quest.

Arkolian Edit

The DPS and heal should stand at max ranged distance. Around 50% Arkolian will begin to stun the tank frequently. The tank should only try to keep aggro because they won't have time to use any other abilities. Towards the end of the fight, he will charge a random player and hit them. This sometimes can be avoided when the tank charges the boss, or uses Earthquake.

Lendoerl Edit

Players want to spread out in a diamond shape - tank in center, healer in center, and both DPS on either side. Tank will be stunned frequently at about 80% of boss's HP.
During the fight Lendoerl will frequently mind control a player, making them a hostile target to the team. Players can free will out of this.
At about 10% Lendoerl will give the tank a debuff which is a DoT that deals damage every second (this is visible by the yellow glow above the tank's head). Tanks will want to use Guardian Stance and healers may want to pray. Any players in melee range of the tank will receive this DoT, and it can spread to other players in range as well (even after Lendoerl has been killed).

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