Fire Illusion
Find the Jade Coffer.
Quest Info
Start Valan Anioah
End Box in Tower
Location Eristar Graveyard
Previous Next
Burner's Torch Puzzle of Death

Quest Text Edit

Valan Anioah - "The fire burns. Let's wait to see if the flames show us anything...

I saw a Human male. He is wearing a crown and a long robe. He holds a golden rod in his hand. I feel as though I should kneel down before him.

Ranger, someone is waiting for you. He is in the highest tower in the graveyard to the north.

Here is the key that I have taken care of for you. I think it may help, so please take it on your journey, Ranger."

Will Receive Edit

Anhil's Perfect Key

Walk-through Edit

Follow the path up the mountain to Psionic Tower: Forgetfulness. Go inside and click on the box with the quest scroll over it.

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