Executioner's Vorpal Sword

Binds when picked up
Two-Handed Sword
252-319 Damage
Speed 3.7
(77.2 Damage per second)
+33 Strength
+24 Stamina
Requires level 60
Allowable Class
Warrior, Flame Knight
Equip: Increase hit level by 14.
Equip: Increase critical level by 25.

Sell:     7 Gold 28 Silver 2 Copper

Executioner's Vorpal Sword is an epic Two-Handed Sword required for the Executioner of Knahswahs and KPL Boss Loot Achievements.

Prior to the Anniversary Update and the update to add the Sailen dungeons, Executioner's Vorpal Sword was for a long time considered the best sword in the game.

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Dungeons Edit

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With the introduction of Flame Knights, this sword was made available to that class as well.

Executioner's Vorpal Sword

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