Ethenun is a quest giver in Greenmont that provides free teleports to and from the Black Market in The Great Desert, where he also appears.

Quests Edit

Ethenun starts the quest [40] The Black Market.

"Hey there, tough guy. Say, you look like you've got a bit of coin; how would you like it if I told you there was a place where one of your... stature could find any manner of item they desire?
I should warn you that our operation is not strictly... Well, let's just say you don't want to go bragging to the guards about the latest deals.
Still interested? Good. Take this portal here. Oh, and take this. We call it a Hero Emblem. Some of the more... "special" merchandise requires one or more. That one's a free sample. You'll have to earn more. But look at us, still jawing away -- get going!"

Quotes Edit

When talking with him in Greenmont he says:

"Hey, buddy -- looking for something special? You should drop by the Black Market. Tons of good stuff there.
It's all on the level; trust me. You'll love it there -- your only concern will be if your wallet's got enough money, or if you've enough emblems.
So, whaddya say? Shall we take a ride?"

Talking to him at the Black Market:

"Hey there. Find anything good? Just let me know if you want to head back to Greenmont."

Trivia Edit

He appears as a member of Darksong, an old Thieves' Guild that is only heard about by word of mouth in Tear Coast.

Update Notes Edit

Update v2.5.0 (Apr. 30, 2014): Added.

Update ?: Added to Sanctuary.

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