Icon Essence of Epoch

Essence of Epoch is a reageant used in max level crafting to upgrade T3 and T4 equipment.

Essence of Epoch

Binds when picked up
"A material with mechanical power that can be used to improve equipment."

Essence of Epoch can be created with any max level profession. To craft this, players must first buy and learn the handbook sold at Coldring for Icon Mechanical Gear x20.

Dust of Epoch x3 = Fragment of Epoch (Dust can be combined at Greenmont without craft.)

Fragment of Epoch x3 = 1 Essence of Epoch

Obtained from Edit

Dungeons Edit

  • Drops off most level 70 Legendary dungeon last bosses, with exception to limited-time or festival dungeons.

Merchants Edit

Miscellaneous Edit

  • Obtained from Lottery and daily login bonus.
  • Sometimes available in the Black Market.
  • Chance to be in Guild Weekly PvP chests, awarded to the Top Guilds each week.

Currency for Edit

Essence of Epoch is used to exchange epic items into more valuable epics at various merchants. This can be done without having max craft since it is an exchange.

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